June 20, 2002

Why is Jonathan Pollard Still in Prison?

Edwin Black recently completed an investigation of the Jonathan Pollard affair commissioned by the Jewish Investigative Journalism Fund and published by the New York Jewish Week, Northern California Jewish Bulletin and some 20 other Jewish newspapers. His efforts, which included an exclusive interview with Pollard in prison, yielded an 8,800-word article, that was edited by the newspaper group into a 5,500-word article which was then edited again for size, content and style by each newspaper according to its own format and editorial needs. The complete unedited version of the investigation can be read online at History News Network and the Jewish Forward. An 800-word perspective was published by the New York Daily News, Miami Herald and numerous other major metropolitan daily newspapers, and the unedited version of that is also at History News Network. A special commentary was published by numerous newspapers including the Chicago Jewish News.

Read the full unedited In-depth Report
The Forward
History News Network

Read the Abridged Syndicated Version
New York Jewish Week
Northern California Jewish Bulletin
Miami Herald
Baltimore Jewish Week
Los Angeles Jewish Journal

Read the Perspective Column
New York Daily News
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Miami Herald
History News Network

Read the Commentary
Chicago Jewish News